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Friday, January 18, 2008

1 hour of Free Calls to India

Just when you thought Free Calls to India offers are almost over. We got some great tip from one of our visitor. Thanks to Nabeel for sharing with us a great way to make 1 hrs or even more free calls to india if you know how to crack it properly.

Who's giving away this Offer? It's Rebtel. Don't rush to their site, its not on there :-) Its a secret offer in lieu of completing a survey about Rebtel Services.

Once you complete the survey, they will issue you a code, which you need to apply in account and get free credits to call india totally free.

Lets see how you can do this.

1) Go take the survey

2) Did you get the code saying, Now you can make an hour of free Rebtel calls to India! How? Use this personal voucher code: 02630459928759XXXX. Just copy the code. Don't miss the code guys.

3) Now to go Rebtel
4) click Add Credit
5) enter voucher code, click redeem

Now make free calls to India. Nabeel also reported that if you have multiple accounts, the same code should work good :-). So what are you waiting for Make Free Calls to India

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