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Friday, November 30, 2007

Ooma Home Phone Service VOIP Guide Special $250 cash Back Coupon

Annoyed with your home phone service or VOIP provider? Paying monthly $$$ just to make unlimited phone calls? Then we got the ultimate solution for you. Just buy this device once and make free unlimited local USA calls for 3 years no monthly charges.

Choosing a VOIP Service is an extremely challenging job. We always thought of reviewing each voip provider for our readers and we hope to do that in near future. You can consider this review of ooma VOIP as the start of the VOIP provider comparison series.

Its extremely important to look for following factors before we choose our home phone service.

1) Reliability of the Service: How many years the service is live and running.
2) Quality of the service: This is very important since some VOIP providers suck at lower
bandwidth speeds and only demand 1 mbps + connection.
3) People behind the company: Yes, this is important. Known companies tend to survive better than unknown firms.

Lets compare the above 3 important factors to Ooma and why you should buy Ooma and replace your existing service.

1) Ooma is run by a bunch of executives known for entepreneurship or technical Excellence. Names such as Andrew Frame (named, Tech's Best Young Entrepreneurs)and movie actor, Ashton Kutcher (don't be surprised) make them an interesting home phone provider.

2) Quality of service of Ooma can be better than others. Why? Coz Ooma would use supernodes to connect to each other. All ooma users connected to each other build a network of users who share bandwidth and improve your voice quality. Wonder why Skype is still better in voice quality than your favorite voip provider? Simply coz it runs off supernodes.

3) Reliability: Well Ooma will be free atleast for 3 years. After 3 years, they might or might not continue with the free service. However, You don't need to pay a single cent to them during the 3 years for local USA calls across all US states. I guess that seals the deal.

Lets see What Ooma is offering:

1) The Instant Second Line™, providing two lines on one number

2) The Broadband Answering Machine™ to screen messages & send to voicemail

3) Premium calling features, like call-waiting, three-way calling, and online voicemail, with more on the way

4) Unlimited US calling

5) Flexibility to integrate or eliminate a low-cost landline at any time

6) Call almost anywhere in the world for less than two cents per minute

7) Take your ooma system anywhere you move in the US

9) No monthly fees or contracts
10)Save thousands on phone bills!

With Ooma, you have an option to keep your existing landline service and use Ooma as a second line. Or else you can simply kick out your existing service and replace it with Ooma. It still make a lot of sense.
What you would gain?

1) Tremendous savings on monthly bills- You wont pay a cent to Ooma no monthly charges.
2) Unlimited calls to any USA state

3)Instantly save thousands of $$$ per year.

4) Make international calls by buying credit when you need.

5) 30 day money back gurantee if you don't like to continue. Unlikely I would say.

6) No need to piggyback off a computer.

Now lets get to the deal we are offering exclusively for our readers. Ooma is available at $599 retail price. We are offering you a price of only $399, thats $200 off regular retail price and that's not all. We got further discounts on this special discounted price exclusively for you. We are topping up $50 instant cashback on $399 making the offer price at bottom low $349. This is the best and most cheapest price in the market. We can challenge anyone who can beat that pricing. This deal will give you
When you buy Ooma with our Coupon, you would get a Ooma Box(see Pic) delivered to your home address. Grab the opportunity to Go buy Ooma exclusively for $349 before the offer closes.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. We will get your answers directly from the Company.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Improve voip quality with PBXMate

Annoyed with background noise while making a important business call with your VOIP service? We are in the same boat. Often background noises decrease voip voice quality to substantially lower standards.

Solicall has a solution to address this issue. SoliCall announced the release of its PBX Mate – an innovative and breakthrough technology that will reduce background noise in VoIP networks supporting SIP.

By simple configuration, you can use SoliCall's PBX Mate in different ways, like:

* Filter all calls entering a conference room to enhance the audio quality in conference calls.

* Reduce background noise coming from external cellular phones or from other external systems.

We blogged about Solicall in the past and reviewed about their noise reducing solution in our Top 10 VOIP Software Add-on post.

The best thing about Solicall is, it works with any softphone or even normal voice messenger clients such as Yahoo, Google talk or Skype.

We recommend you give solicall a try. Their Solicall Add-on is totally free and PBX Mate is a paid software, more intended for business class voip users. You can download Solicall Free Add-on

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Pudding offering Free USA Canada Calls

We discussed about The Pudding VOIP when it was ready for a launch. Now they seem to have gone one step ahad and actually launched their pretty interesting VOIP service which offers totally free calls to USA and Canada in lieu of viewing advertisements.

You must be wondering are this ads just placed all over the place? is it just like the german cheap VOIP provider Peterzahlt? The answer is No. Pudding uses an intitive interface to listen to your conversion and pick up keywords and then display ads based on it. Interesting? It definately is.
Let see an example of The Pudding VOIP service.

If you notice, the guy called up his friend using The Pudding Free Calls service to discuss about plans to go to hawaii. The Pudding software picked up hawaii keyword and started displaying relevant ads.
I wonder how well they are doing in advertisement based VOIP service. We knew that Globe7 once followed a similar model and later shut it down when they got more serious about making money. It also depends on the ad inventory for such service.
We also managed to grab an interesting Video of The Pudding VOIP service. Worth a look. The Pudding Free Calls service is currently limited to USA and Canada only. My guess it would be limited to those 2 countries forever. The Pudding is also currently available to limited beta users. If you are in USA or Canada, you might wanna give thme a try. Who doesn't want a Free Calling service? Go register your email for their Private Beta

Rondee Free Conference Calling

We use web conferencing solution almost everyday at office to call distant colleagues or clients. Of course, we spend a lot of money while doing so but how about doing all this for FREE with many other advanced call conferencing solution features bundled with it? Sounds Cool isnt it?
Rondee,( "rendez-vous" which means
(1) a meeting arranged for a specified time and place, (2) a popular meeting place for people) is doing just that, making your life easier by providing a call conferencing gateway and platform.
1) With Rondee , you can get your very own unique virtual meeting space by claiming your own Rondee ID (e.g. "Adam"). If the ID has not already been taken, it's yours!

2) When you want to talk with other people, just send them a text message, IM, or email asking them to dial 619-2-RONDEE (619-276-6333) and then enter your Rondee ID.

3)To get your very own virtual meeting space, call 619-2-RONDEE (619-276-6333) and enter your desired ID on the telephone keypad (e.g. "Adam" = "2326"). If it hasn't been claimed yet, its yours!
Of course, local call rates to Rondee number would apply.
Rondee might not be the best way to arrange a conference call but surely one of the easiest way to do it. I often forget passcode when i enter conference calls, then I rush back to grab it off my PC. Rondee sounds much easier to me.
Rondee is currently in beta and only available in USA. However am sure people outside Of USA can dial the number using free calling service to USA such as icall, earthcaller etc.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

VoxCall enabled free voip calls

It seems everyone in the VOIP industry wants to enter the Voice 2.0, Widgets, Mashups jargon or atleast associated themselves with this web 2.0 frenzy. This time the good old veteran Voxalot does it with their new VOIP Free Calling Application for Facebook.

The application is named VoxCall that allows you to easily initiate calls for free between your Facebook friends by using your Voxalot account. All you have to do to configure,

1)Enter your Voxalot URI (eg. and you are ready to go.

2)To confirm your identity, VoxCall will call your number and ask you to enter the PIN that is displayed on the screen.

3)Using VoxCall is as simple as clicking on your friend's faces; VoxCall will automatically connect to whatever number your friends have configured.In addition to calling your friends, you can also have a multi-way conference callwith your friends.

So already a facebook member, then why not try VoxCall If you haven't signed up for Facebook, then you should. Check out why Microsoft paid $240 million for that tool:-)

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Free calls to many countries

Now you can call 23 Countries for free without even downloading the PC Call Software. Talkster a new Voip Provider made this one as possible. Its very simple and easy to use.

How it Works
You can invite anyone (or a group of people) to talk for free!
Group chat - call and chat to one friend or a group of friends
You can start in one of two ways: send a SMS or use a browser (on your phone or on your computer). Once it is set up the first time, you have a number that you can save in your phone’s address book and use again and again. Simply dial the number to start a call.
Invite your friends to talk now, anywhere in the world, as long as they are in one of the Talkster countries mentioned above. They are expanding the list and adding new countries every day.
Call for as long as you like
No need to register and no account required - the only unlimited free calling service
How to make calls

1. You can call friends in your own country and many countries around the world. Click where does it work? to find out which countries.

2. For every friend or group you invite, you get a new local Talkster number and your friend gets a local number in their country too. You both get sent these numbers by SMS, but if your friend is not on a mobile phone, you’ll need to tell them the number before you can call each other.

3. Enter your name and number, and your friend’s name and number. Numbers have to include the Country Code (1 for the USA and Canada, 44 for the United Kingdom, etc.). If you want to invite more than one person onto the call, click on the link to “add someone else”, and you will be able to add up to 5 friends for a group call!4. Once you click on “Call”, you will get a confirmation message with your Talkster numbers. You get a local Talkster number for your friend and your friend gets a local Talkster number for you.

If you are using mobile phone numbers, Talkster will also send an SMS to you and your friend(s) with your Talkster numbers for each other.5. Talkster gives you a local number for your friend or group of friends, no matter where in the world they are. You call the local Talkster number that we’ve given you whenever you want to speak to them.
For more details visit

The countries supported by Talkster are below. Country Name Country Code Dialing Code Australia AU +61
Belgium BE +32 Canada CA +1
Czech Republic CZ +420
El Salvador SV +503
Finland FI +358
France FR +33
Germany DE +49
Hong Kong S.A.R. HK +852
Ireland IE +353
Israel IL +972
Italy IT +39
Latvia LV +371
Lithuania LT +370
Luxembourg LU +352
Mexico MX +52
Netherlands NL +31
Norway NO +47
Poland PL +48
Romania RO +40
Slovakia SK +421
Slovenia SI +386
Spain ES +34
Sweden SE +46
United Kingdom GB +44
United States US +1

Saturday, November 24, 2007

FREE calls from India

Did u bite your nails when i posted about VOIPcheap and you cant call India PSTN/Mobile lines with it? is the solution for that problem and now be happy coz although you cant call them..They can surely call you.It took me some time to figure out this voipcheap hack...So please read it carefully before you try your hands at it.Lets see how this voipcheap hack will workWhat happens When you register for VOIPcheap?Voipcheap will track your IP address at the time of registration. for e.g you are registering from USA or UK, the Id will enable you to make FREE calls since these countries fall under the FREE calls Beta version promotion by Voipcheap.What if I am registering from India?

Voipcheap will trace your IP to india and blocks all outgoing FREE calls. You can however make one call, i heard different reports from people. One of my brother was able to make 30 calls within India. You better check it on your own. It might be possible that they have restricted FREE calls to 30 for non-FREE destinations like India. Whats the hack?The hack is to register from a proxy which belongs to the FREE destinations country.

Voipcheap will trace your IP to the foreign country and will let you call FREE to these destinations for unlimited time.Now you can ask your parents/Bro in India to set this up and make calls FREE.

Do drop your views/comments/original hacks etc. If you like to use my hack or work on this, please LINK me back. I have spent several hours to figure out this hack myself :-) now you can make free calls from india.if you are looking for free calls to india? then read this postDoes that work for you?? Let me know. If you find any issues with this hack or improvements, please drop comments. They are always welcome.

Send Free Sms To India is providing free sms to India.This service has been serving for about 3 years now.It allows you to send a free sms to any mobile no. in India.We are looking forward to Worldwide free sms.SMS Junction provides bulk sms services at a very low cost.

Fring launches FringME free calling widgets

Leading mobile VOIP provider Fring has again went one step further by allowing anyone anywhere in the world to reach you on your mobile at zero cost.

Fring has always been front runner in coming out with new features or totally surprising market with workarounds others struggle to get over with. This time they did it with Widgets. Widgets are so web 2.0 or should we say voice 2.0, that everyone needs one.

Free Calling Widgets will be in excess supply in the coming days. However there is a difference between other widgets and FringMe widgets. Companies like Jaxtr, provide direct free termination to your mobile or landline phone but provide only a few credits to use. Fring doesn't have any such credit system however we also need to inderstand that they are terminating a call within Fring network, so at zero cost.

The only and perhaps the biggest advantage is Fring can be used on your mobile. So effectively you receive a call on your mobile, assuming connecting to internet as pre-requisite.

Once installed on a webpage, the FringME widget lets visitors interact with their fringing friends by viewing their online presence status and enabling instant chat (between that person on the web and the fringster on their phone). It also includes some new innovations – the first one now available is a real-time ‘find me’ feature that instantly opens a GoogleMaps window to show the fringster’s physical location via their GPS-equipped handset. (Of course privacy settings let you switch this off). This is really a cool feature, I just narrowed down Fring official ID to Isreal. Now I know where to ask Jon (from Fring) out for a drink when I visit isreal:-)

So now if you are on fring and want people all across the world to contact you for free. How about getting yourself a FringMe Widget?

FringMe Widget is currently in beta and Fring needs your feedback to make it even better. So bring in your suggestions.

Last but not the least, Happy thanksgiving to all!

Globe7 VOIP releases version 8.0

Globe 7 started advertising based VOIP model some years back and instanly became hit. They managed to get over 1 million globe 7 client downloads in no time.

However stopped offering free Pc to Phone calls once they established themselves as a known voip providers. Globe 7 started offering free calls in lieu of watching streaming video content from media partners. If you watch a video, they used to credit your account with talktime which you could use to make calls anywhere in the world.

The things have changed since then and now Free Calls are non-existent besides a few sponsord offers minutes. However the sponsored minutes page when we checked was seriously difficult to understand. There is no clear criteria on how the minutes will be credited and What sponsor expects from the visitor.

This leaves Globe 7 to be recognised as a pure cheap VOIP provider. Why cheap? coz they offer some great competitive rates to some destinations. For e.g: According to their website, India can be reached at 0.0528 thats about 5 cents per minutes. Surely looks competitive in comparison to the Standard market rate of close to 6-8 cents per minute.

Globe 7 version 8.0 also offers Soft Phone, IM, Videos, Games, News. You can add more widgets to the softphone from their website.

At the end of the day, Globe 7 is just another VOIP service which offers low cost calls to certain countries.

You can download Globe 7 version 8.0

Free international Call - How to FAQ

This is the second series of the FAQ I posted some days back. I had been receiving numberous emails/comments from visitors all across the globe. Almost all of them asking for free international call to/from their country.

Although, Free international calls to various countries is still not possible. I will try my best to include countries which are most popular among my visitors or they recently asked for.

Question1: I want to make free international calls to Bangladesh. I live in Malaysia. Can you help?

Answer: Currently Bangladesh is tightening their rules and trying to keep VOIP under a tight regulation. However there is a service which can help you till the market is isolated by the government. The solution is to use Low rate voip

Question2: I am a small businessman in India and have some clients in USA & Canada. I am currently using IDD or Calling cards and sometimes messengers to communicate. But my business requires regular interaction. Can you give me any solution to make free international call to USA & Canada?

Answer: You can make free calls to USA & Canada from India. This is not limited to India but available to all other countries. The solution is to use iCall

Question 3: I am in singapore but my parents live in Argentina, Can i make free calls to argentina? Additionally, is it possible to call Brazil?

Answer: If you live in singapore, you have a added advantage. Singapore is known to a totally FREE VOIP country with minimal regulations for VOIP and telecommunications. One of the most advanced telecom countries in the world to say the least. That means you can make and receive calls in Singapore on landline and mobile both for free. Now coming back to your question, You can call argentina using Voipcheap, voip discount, voipstunt etc.

Question 4: Is it possible to make free calls to India? This was asked by almost 100 odd people over email :-) & Why India is never listed under Free calling destinations?

Let me first answer the second interesting question. India is a traditional telecom country with one of the most stringent regulations. On top of it, it's dominated by the local telcos such as BSNL, MTNL and in private sector, Bharati, Essar & Reliance. There are billions of dollars at stake in the telcom industry which these big punters dont want to give away for FREE. Afterall, they want to cash on your pockets as much as they can till free voip becomes evident and a household name. At the same time, Government makes every attempt not to promote VOIP and benefit the telcos. You know why dont you :-)

Now, what about making free international calls to India? I would say YES and No both. Why no? Because its not possible to make free calls to india, since indian telecom companies charge the VOIP companies for terminating a call on landline or mobile in india. That sucks but it's true. Then you must be wondering how come there are providers who still offer free calls to India. Yes, there are some providers such as Gizmocall who offer free international calls to india. They basically operate in deep pockets and pay off for the termination charge from other paid service. Trust me this model falls off once the difference is huge. But till its there, you can use Gizmocall to make free calls to India

Question 5: I want to make free international call to russia & Czech Republic. Do you know any voip providers offering free calls to russia and czech republic?

Yes, Voipcheap & VoipDiscount offers free calls to Russia Landline. Similarly, they offer free international calls to Czech Republic landline only.

Question 6: I am in India and have aunt in UK, England. Since we have IDD at home, My parents always call her. However the charges are heavy for a IDD call. It seems you have some solution for free international call to UK. Can you share?

UK is another country, owned by local telcos. I mean literally, 02 (BT), orange and T-mobile owns the mobile market and have always charged hefty termination charge for international calls. However, Voipcheap, Mediaring allows free international calls to UK landline only.

I hope the above Question Answer FAQ session has answered most of the queries directed to me on emails/comments on this blog.

You can drop comments if you want any specific answers or if you are looking for free international in your country. I will try to find a solution for you as i always do.

If you would like to share your experiences about VOIP, Please send me your review on ut(dot)godmode(at) If i like your review, It will be featured on this blog. You can send in your picture aong with it :-)

Jajah Direct VOIP launched

Just when you thought access number based Free Calling services are about to close down, Jajah comes with Jajah Direct, access number based free or cheap calling service.

Jajah is a known leader in VOIP based free or cheap calls and have always been actively adding new features and services. Lately, however we seen some more corporate outlook towards running Jajah unlike what it was when they started. This is our personal opinion. We don't remember talking to Jajah employees since the funding :-)

Jokes apart, Jajah direct looks promising. It would be interesting to see how the service works for people across the world. Currently its limited to local access numbers in USA, Isreal, Italy, Germany, UK and Austria. Remember that Jajah Free Calling zone rules apply, that means if you live in USA and want to call a jajah member in Singapore. The call will be totally FREE (except the local call charges to access number based on your local plan).

Lets see how it will work for Jajah members calling another Jajah member in Free Calling Zone.

1) Dial the local JAJAH number to get started.
2) Then simply dial the desired number
3) JAJAH connects you
4) After your call you will receive a unique local number for your contact
5) Store their local number in your phone for direct dialing

For non-Free Calling zones, Local rates would apply.

So if you are a existing Jajah customer, please try Jajah Direct and lets us know your feedback.


Summary only...

Yak4ever close down

The free calling movement started by Pat Phelan with his first introduction of and then bouncing back with vengeance by providing another free calling service Yak4ever has finally come to an end.

We can understand the frustration that Pat must have gone through during the court cases and again by large telcos. At the end of the day, telcos won the battle. However the real question remains, whats the future of "minute Stealer" long distance free calling services? I would say not too bright.

Telco's dont give F to FCC rulings. As per Pat, "While the FCC has ruled that the marketing programs of the Rural CLECS are valid and serve a public purpose. In spite of this ruling, the Carriers are still refusing to pay." That means the carriers wont pay these free service providers and in turn kill their business for good. Big fish eats the small fish afterall.

Yak4ever was a fantastic service started by Pat Phelan, a fellow blogger, entrepreneur and personal friend. I am confident he will bounce back with something more exciting in near future. Of course he is doing good with MaxRoam however we expect to see him more on the VOIP scene in future.

It started with Futurephone, then it was and now Yak4ever. However we salute the courage of these providers who gave us free service in tough time.

Wizzl VOIP to offer cheap worldwide calls

There are more and more VOIP services launching as the year end comes around the corner. The new kid on the block is Wizzl. Its not yet launched officially but we grabbed the news for you in advance.

Wizzl, a new online communication provider based in the Netherlands. Wizzl will launch on 23rd November at Gameplay. Wizzl calls itself the first ever all-in-one virtual phone. Wizzl is trying to give you all services under their Wizzl Beta softphone.

With Wizzl you can make calls to over 70 countries at 1.5 eurocents. Got anything cheaper than this? Of course calls between Wizzl users are completely FREE.

Wizzl gives you free and direct access to live TV, internet radio and the most popular web games around. Your personal photographs, music and videos will also be at your fingertips.

Wizzl is giving 10 minutes trial for a new user, so you can test their system and check the quality of service. Although Wizzl will be officially launched on 23rd, you can download their Wizzl Beta Softphone today and test the system.

During the next 1 year or so, Wizzl will extend their service to mobile users. It would be interesting to see if Wizzl can beat the rates provided by Betamax and other cheap providers. If they can do it, it would be a great competitor in the VOIP market. Secondly, they didn't disclose the 50 countries list for 1.5 cents rate. Hopefully on 23rd the picture would be more clear.


Summary only...