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Saturday, November 24, 2007

FREE calls from India

Did u bite your nails when i posted about VOIPcheap and you cant call India PSTN/Mobile lines with it? is the solution for that problem and now be happy coz although you cant call them..They can surely call you.It took me some time to figure out this voipcheap hack...So please read it carefully before you try your hands at it.Lets see how this voipcheap hack will workWhat happens When you register for VOIPcheap?Voipcheap will track your IP address at the time of registration. for e.g you are registering from USA or UK, the Id will enable you to make FREE calls since these countries fall under the FREE calls Beta version promotion by Voipcheap.What if I am registering from India?

Voipcheap will trace your IP to india and blocks all outgoing FREE calls. You can however make one call, i heard different reports from people. One of my brother was able to make 30 calls within India. You better check it on your own. It might be possible that they have restricted FREE calls to 30 for non-FREE destinations like India. Whats the hack?The hack is to register from a proxy which belongs to the FREE destinations country.

Voipcheap will trace your IP to the foreign country and will let you call FREE to these destinations for unlimited time.Now you can ask your parents/Bro in India to set this up and make calls FREE.

Do drop your views/comments/original hacks etc. If you like to use my hack or work on this, please LINK me back. I have spent several hours to figure out this hack myself :-) now you can make free calls from india.if you are looking for free calls to india? then read this postDoes that work for you?? Let me know. If you find any issues with this hack or improvements, please drop comments. They are always welcome.

1 comment:

Ruchi said...

I have been making all my calls to India absolutely Free for past 2 weeks. Here are the steps:

Use gift code FREE10 while signing up on
On home page you will see a link "Make All Your Calls FREE!" Click on it and choose any of the options.

Share your findings if you find anything more.