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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Jajah Direct VOIP launched

Just when you thought access number based Free Calling services are about to close down, Jajah comes with Jajah Direct, access number based free or cheap calling service.

Jajah is a known leader in VOIP based free or cheap calls and have always been actively adding new features and services. Lately, however we seen some more corporate outlook towards running Jajah unlike what it was when they started. This is our personal opinion. We don't remember talking to Jajah employees since the funding :-)

Jokes apart, Jajah direct looks promising. It would be interesting to see how the service works for people across the world. Currently its limited to local access numbers in USA, Isreal, Italy, Germany, UK and Austria. Remember that Jajah Free Calling zone rules apply, that means if you live in USA and want to call a jajah member in Singapore. The call will be totally FREE (except the local call charges to access number based on your local plan).

Lets see how it will work for Jajah members calling another Jajah member in Free Calling Zone.

1) Dial the local JAJAH number to get started.
2) Then simply dial the desired number
3) JAJAH connects you
4) After your call you will receive a unique local number for your contact
5) Store their local number in your phone for direct dialing

For non-Free Calling zones, Local rates would apply.

So if you are a existing Jajah customer, please try Jajah Direct and lets us know your feedback.


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