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Friday, November 30, 2007

Ooma Home Phone Service VOIP Guide Special $250 cash Back Coupon

Annoyed with your home phone service or VOIP provider? Paying monthly $$$ just to make unlimited phone calls? Then we got the ultimate solution for you. Just buy this device once and make free unlimited local USA calls for 3 years no monthly charges.

Choosing a VOIP Service is an extremely challenging job. We always thought of reviewing each voip provider for our readers and we hope to do that in near future. You can consider this review of ooma VOIP as the start of the VOIP provider comparison series.

Its extremely important to look for following factors before we choose our home phone service.

1) Reliability of the Service: How many years the service is live and running.
2) Quality of the service: This is very important since some VOIP providers suck at lower
bandwidth speeds and only demand 1 mbps + connection.
3) People behind the company: Yes, this is important. Known companies tend to survive better than unknown firms.

Lets compare the above 3 important factors to Ooma and why you should buy Ooma and replace your existing service.

1) Ooma is run by a bunch of executives known for entepreneurship or technical Excellence. Names such as Andrew Frame (named, Tech's Best Young Entrepreneurs)and movie actor, Ashton Kutcher (don't be surprised) make them an interesting home phone provider.

2) Quality of service of Ooma can be better than others. Why? Coz Ooma would use supernodes to connect to each other. All ooma users connected to each other build a network of users who share bandwidth and improve your voice quality. Wonder why Skype is still better in voice quality than your favorite voip provider? Simply coz it runs off supernodes.

3) Reliability: Well Ooma will be free atleast for 3 years. After 3 years, they might or might not continue with the free service. However, You don't need to pay a single cent to them during the 3 years for local USA calls across all US states. I guess that seals the deal.

Lets see What Ooma is offering:

1) The Instant Second Line™, providing two lines on one number

2) The Broadband Answering Machine™ to screen messages & send to voicemail

3) Premium calling features, like call-waiting, three-way calling, and online voicemail, with more on the way

4) Unlimited US calling

5) Flexibility to integrate or eliminate a low-cost landline at any time

6) Call almost anywhere in the world for less than two cents per minute

7) Take your ooma system anywhere you move in the US

9) No monthly fees or contracts
10)Save thousands on phone bills!

With Ooma, you have an option to keep your existing landline service and use Ooma as a second line. Or else you can simply kick out your existing service and replace it with Ooma. It still make a lot of sense.
What you would gain?

1) Tremendous savings on monthly bills- You wont pay a cent to Ooma no monthly charges.
2) Unlimited calls to any USA state

3)Instantly save thousands of $$$ per year.

4) Make international calls by buying credit when you need.

5) 30 day money back gurantee if you don't like to continue. Unlikely I would say.

6) No need to piggyback off a computer.

Now lets get to the deal we are offering exclusively for our readers. Ooma is available at $599 retail price. We are offering you a price of only $399, thats $200 off regular retail price and that's not all. We got further discounts on this special discounted price exclusively for you. We are topping up $50 instant cashback on $399 making the offer price at bottom low $349. This is the best and most cheapest price in the market. We can challenge anyone who can beat that pricing. This deal will give you
When you buy Ooma with our Coupon, you would get a Ooma Box(see Pic) delivered to your home address. Grab the opportunity to Go buy Ooma exclusively for $349 before the offer closes.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. We will get your answers directly from the Company.

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