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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Wizzl VOIP to offer cheap worldwide calls

There are more and more VOIP services launching as the year end comes around the corner. The new kid on the block is Wizzl. Its not yet launched officially but we grabbed the news for you in advance.

Wizzl, a new online communication provider based in the Netherlands. Wizzl will launch on 23rd November at Gameplay. Wizzl calls itself the first ever all-in-one virtual phone. Wizzl is trying to give you all services under their Wizzl Beta softphone.

With Wizzl you can make calls to over 70 countries at 1.5 eurocents. Got anything cheaper than this? Of course calls between Wizzl users are completely FREE.

Wizzl gives you free and direct access to live TV, internet radio and the most popular web games around. Your personal photographs, music and videos will also be at your fingertips.

Wizzl is giving 10 minutes trial for a new user, so you can test their system and check the quality of service. Although Wizzl will be officially launched on 23rd, you can download their Wizzl Beta Softphone today and test the system.

During the next 1 year or so, Wizzl will extend their service to mobile users. It would be interesting to see if Wizzl can beat the rates provided by Betamax and other cheap providers. If they can do it, it would be a great competitor in the VOIP market. Secondly, they didn't disclose the 50 countries list for 1.5 cents rate. Hopefully on 23rd the picture would be more clear.


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