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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Fring launches FringME free calling widgets

Leading mobile VOIP provider Fring has again went one step further by allowing anyone anywhere in the world to reach you on your mobile at zero cost.

Fring has always been front runner in coming out with new features or totally surprising market with workarounds others struggle to get over with. This time they did it with Widgets. Widgets are so web 2.0 or should we say voice 2.0, that everyone needs one.

Free Calling Widgets will be in excess supply in the coming days. However there is a difference between other widgets and FringMe widgets. Companies like Jaxtr, provide direct free termination to your mobile or landline phone but provide only a few credits to use. Fring doesn't have any such credit system however we also need to inderstand that they are terminating a call within Fring network, so at zero cost.

The only and perhaps the biggest advantage is Fring can be used on your mobile. So effectively you receive a call on your mobile, assuming connecting to internet as pre-requisite.

Once installed on a webpage, the FringME widget lets visitors interact with their fringing friends by viewing their online presence status and enabling instant chat (between that person on the web and the fringster on their phone). It also includes some new innovations – the first one now available is a real-time ‘find me’ feature that instantly opens a GoogleMaps window to show the fringster’s physical location via their GPS-equipped handset. (Of course privacy settings let you switch this off). This is really a cool feature, I just narrowed down Fring official ID to Isreal. Now I know where to ask Jon (from Fring) out for a drink when I visit isreal:-)

So now if you are on fring and want people all across the world to contact you for free. How about getting yourself a FringMe Widget?

FringMe Widget is currently in beta and Fring needs your feedback to make it even better. So bring in your suggestions.

Last but not the least, Happy thanksgiving to all!

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