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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Ccube Click to Call Free VOIP Calls

Lately, we have noticed a sudden increase in click to call solutions. Almost every new provider is eager to do Click to Call. Of course, its easy to maintain and work with.

Thanks to Rohin Adalja who sent over this news about CCube. Ccube is a social click to call service mainly targetted to visitors who wants to keep their phone numbers anonymous when they go over the internet. As they say, Ccube lets you talk to social friends, buyers, sellers, service providers, and anyone else on the phone, without revealing your number. All this is possible with their Click to Callwidget, which you need to install on your website/blog or just give a url to your friend.

CCube offers FREE 60 nationwide (US and Canada) minutes each month. You can earn 30 extra minutes for each person referred to Ccube.

Their registration is a bit tricky, so let me run you through.

1) Go to CCube Join now.
2) Enter your account details.
3) After submitting your Phone numbers, CCube will assign you a Voicekey.
4) You need to verify your number by calling their toll-free number 1-866-990-NEWZ (6399).

You can refer other friends, for each referral signup they will credit 30 minutes to your account.

Overall a good old click 2 call solution. Nothing fancy, most VOIP providers do it. The only good thing is its callback for Phone, so handy for people who like to talk Phone to Phone from USA to Canada or within the states.

Ether VOIP Hack for Free Calls

We just heard over at the Tipsity forums about a new service which will let you make free calls to many countries including UAE. All thanks to Satphoneguy for finding this new service.

The service is run by AT & T and its called Ether. However don't get misleaded by their homepage. Ether is actually a paid to talk service, where experts can charge people to talk to them. Like for example, I can setup a account on Ether with the following description.

Listing Name: VOIP Expert
Tags: Setting up VOIP phone, SIP networks, Telephony, VOIP
Pricing Plan: Free until "*"; $0.01 per minute; Repeat

That means I can help you setup your VOIP at your home or business. If you want to contact me, just dial my ether number 1-888-MY-ETHER ext. 02703XXX. So consider you live in Michigan, have a old sunrocket gizmo and want to hook up a SIP service with that. However you have little or no knowledge about SIP or VOIP, of course you have no clue how Sunrocket Gizmo can be unlocked. There you need some expert help, so you can contact me and I will charge you 0.01 cents per minute. Ether takes 15% commission.

Now this is all what Ether told you right. Now here is the ultimate hack to convert this to a totally Free Calling Haven. Lets see how we do it.

1) Go to Ether and register.
2) Add a phone number. currently Ether offers about 20 odd countries. No India sorrry. UAE is accepted which is extremely surprising.
3) While you add a number, rememeber to chose the option,
Allow customers to start the call for free. The rate below will begin when you press *.
Now this is the hack. Remember this.
4) Now Ether will assign you a extension number like 1-888-MY-ETHER ext. 02703XXX.
5) If someone wants to talk to you, give them this number, 1-888-MY-ETHER (1-888-69-38437) and ask them to enter your extension at the prompt.
6) your call will be connected but remember dont press *, coz that will trigger the billing :-)

Talk as much as you want, its all FREE. The only worry is it's a USA number, however they are various ways to call USA number for Free. You can use Earthcaller, icall or Truphone to make calls to that Ether number.

Satphoneguy has tested the service have successfully called up UK Mobile, Germany and USA. UK Mobile is never given away for FREE. This is a great opportunity to use Ether to make free calls.

Let us know where you made Free calls with this Ultimate new way.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

IfbyPhone Free Click to Call VOIP

Almost every other VOIP provider today offers Click to Call solutions. It's easy to maintain and of course there is a higher possibility that people will be consuming it, since the owner doesnt have much control over the activity.

Click to call traditionally is a business VOIP solution. More targetted towards business users, however you can use it on your SOHO website or even personal blog.
IfbyPhone is currently offering free 100 minutes of talktime per month on their new click to call VOIP service called "Phone-me-now". The good thing about phone-me-now click to call VOIP service is you can use it on your webpage or even in Microsoft Word documents, PowerPoint Presentations and PDF documents. It works everything. Its a plain simple click to call url link. Whenever someone clicks on it, the user is prompted to enter their phone number. Ifbyphone calls them first and then connect your number.

Click to call services directly compete with Toll-Free services. Since Toll-free numbers literally cost thousands of dollars, often click to call hosted service can be as cheap as couple of $ per month. Its really is a great saving for SOHO or small business VOIP users.

Ifbyphone's Phone-me-now is currently offering 100 minutes free talktime for limited period only. If you don't want to miss on this one, you can signup today.

We have noticed they accept USA numbers ONLY. However they do mention international format which makes us think they might accepting other numbers but there is a limit of 10 digits. If you country code fits 10 digits, you might want to give it a try.

Companies like Tringme, also offers click to call VOIP hosted solutions on their TringSwitch platform, if you are interested in knowing about Tringme's hosted VOIP solution shoot me a email at shivkokroo(AT)

Friday, March 21, 2008

VOIP hack to make free worldwide calls

We posted about the ultimate VOIP hack a few days back. It seems that the Jaxtr guys fixed that bug. I guess they should pay us for finding bugs in their VOIP applications :-)

Moving on, our regular reader Sriram has sent us another great hack for Jaxtr. Lets see how we can use this to make free voip calls worldwide.

1) Download iCall softphone (u get 5mins free calls to US n Canada per call)
2) Register for an account with iCall.
3) Goto ur friend's profile in Jaxtr. Click Call Me button. Select United States in country list.
4) Now enter the iCall PhoneOut number 6464657602. Click Get Number button.
5) You'll get a US phone number to dial. (like 1-646-xxx-xxxx) Save that number somewhere.
6) Now, login to iCall softphone.
7) Enter the number u got from Jaxtr here and dial.
8) iCall allows free 5min calls to US and Canada per call. (iCall Pro users get unlimited free minutes to US n Canada.)
9) Talk for 5mins. Ur call will get disconnected after that. (iCall Pro users can talk longer).
10) U can redial the same number untill you are taken to the voicemail box. :-)

You could possibly use this with other Free VOIP services which gives you Free incoming US number. The trick is jaxtr should recognise that number while dialing in.

Good luck making free worldwide calls!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Tephno offers free VOIP calls

It seems the "Easter" is bringing back the old glory to the VOIP market. We found yet another interesting "FREE VOIP" provider who can save your money instantly by giving you unlimited free calls to over 20 countries.

Tephno, A US based VOIP provider is porting international numbers to a usa number and allowing you make free international callsto your friends and family in over 20 countries.

You can currently call these countries:

New Zealand

Now let me clarify this, It will only work if you have a USA number. So either you live in USA or you have a free incoming number in USA. You can try Toktumi which offer free usa incoming number.

Lets see how you can use it.

1) Go to Tephno Registration Page
2)Enter your phone number in step 1. Note: This must be a USA number. Either your USA landline/mobile or one of the free incoming usa numbers.
3)Enter the number you want to call in step 2. This is your party's number. Lets say your girlfriend lives in hong kong and her number is +852 26521234. So you enter that number.
4) Pick a location for your Tephno number that is a local call from your phone in step 3. This currently defaulted to 732 area code (NJ, USA).
5) Click the "Get my Tephno" button. Tephno will give you a local 732 area code number to dial each time you want to contact your GF. Note it down.
6) Make a local call to your Tephno number from your phone and you'll connect to the international number. Talk as much as you want.

Important Note: Tephno must receive a caller-id that matches what you enter in "Step 1 - Enter your phone number" for their services to work for you.

You can create as many tephno numbers you want for each of your contact.

Go make those "Easter" Calls to your friends and family across the globe.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Toktumi SOHO VOIP service

We first heard about Toktumi on Free VoIP Hacks forums. Later, looked up and did a research on this new VOIP company offering free usa incoming phone number and Forwarding service.

Toktumi categorise themselves as Home Office and Small Business VOIP service. The most exciting feature of Toktumi is "Free USA incoming number", which is given to you instantly when you register for the service.

For Small Busineses, Toktumi lets you set up an entire office in minutes - one line per PC. Start with one line add more any time. All this is offered FREE. You can even use voicemail, auto-attendant, Conferencing.

The registration however is a bit complicated. You need to download Toktumi Client and install it on your machine. This downloading and installation seem to take enormous time (over 15 minutes). Toktumi guys really need to fix this. During registration process they issue a free incoming usa number and attach it to your account. You need to verify your account with activation code and then you are live with toktumi. People can immediately start calling you on your number. You can also buy a toktumi adapter which they sell for $19.95 which will let you port Toktumi number to normal landline phone. Basically, you can get a Free USA number with a proper landline phone line.

Toktumi can be a great alternative to Skypein number. Why pay for skypein number when you get a Toktumi number free which people can call you on. I tried calling myself using Truphone and it worked pretty ok. There was a bit of delay in voice quality and some echo sound. I suspect it could be due to my microphone. Otherwise, the call went through OK. If you happed to test the audio quality on Toktumi, do let us know.

Overall a great addition to the VOIP market, Having a USA number is always handy.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Now Make VOIP Calls from any mobile

Don't have the latest Nokia handset? Your handset not supported by Mobile VOIP providers? Still using good old Nokia handset bought in 90s? No worries. Now Tringme has got you covered.

Tringme today launched a revolutionary (Patent Pending) Mobile VOIP service which will enable anyone to make VOIP calls using any handset (absolutely any handsets even reliance and tata indcom handsets will work) with just a simple SMS to Tringme Gateway. If you look at the markets like India, this is going to be one of the significant and valuable service for a common man who have no other mean to access VoIP.

Till today, we had Fring and Truphone leading the Mobile VOIP scene however there are restrictions. They only support selected handsets. Now with Tringme, this goes to a new level altogether with almost anyone can use Mobile VOIP as long as they have a mobile and can send SMS :-)

Again Yusuf (Tringme's Founder and my close friend) said in his writeup, "In developing countries like India, more than 80% mobile users do not have data connection on their mobile. And for the remaining ones who have it, data connection is poor to have any effective real time communication like VoIP. We strongly believe that to make Mobile-VoIP a common-place technology, it needs to cater to the lowest-end mobile devices, devices which can just make voice-calls and do SMS." (source: TRAI). Secondly, Smartphones only constituted 10% of the total mobiles sold last year (source: Symbian market share data).

So almost 90% of mobile users (which translates to millions of users) – a fairly big share of market – are devoid of using Mobile-VoIP via their existing mobile devices.

Lets see how you can use the service.

It’s very easy to use this service. The alpha pilot is currently only available in India. You can send an SMS to 91- 9980153695 to try out this service. Please follow the instructions below:

1 - Register with TringMe if you haven’t already.

2- Register the mobile with TringMe from which one wants to make the low cost worldwide call. User can register their mobile with their TringMe account by sending an SMS as follows:
tringme reg
3) A confirmation message will be received about success of the registration.

Making Calls

Once registered, user can make worldwide calls, not only to the phones but to Gtalk, SIP URI etc by merely sending an SMS as follows:
for example, to call a US number 1-(858)-555-1212, one only need to send a SMS "tringme 18585551212"

Users can also call millions of worldwide SIP users just by using SIP URI as follows:

To make a call to a registered TringMe user, send an SMS as follows:

This will establish a call from the originator’s mobile device to the caller’s currently configured termination device. For example, if user has chose to receive call on Gtalk, sending above SMS will connect your phone to his or her Gtalk.

You can even schedule a call for later time, say for a business meeting or conference. TringMe understand time in plain english and you can specify absolute date and time or in relative terms. You can schedule it in one of several ways:
tringme 18585551212 next week 11:30AM
tringme 18585551212 March 17, 2008 11:30AM
tringme 18585551212 tomorrow 11:30AM

As many of you know, I work closely with Tringme, so your feedback is much appreciated. Secondly, we got a big annoucement. We reduced the rates by over 20-25% to many destionations including India. Now Calls to India are at 3.99c per minute only. This is India wide Landline + Mobile any network.

Go register at Tringme and make cheap calls around the world.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Voixio offers free worldwide calls

Someone asked me if the Ad-based free calling model work any good for VOIP providers? I would well it seems it does. We found a great new provider who is offering free international calls to anywhere in the world in lieu of advertisements.

First up, Thanks to aditya Sood (Ontario, Canada) for sending over the news. The new VOIP provider is Voixio.
Voixio offers a flash based interface with panels seperated with functionality. One panel is dedicated to advertisements and one panel is dedicated for Making calls. They also offer Video call facility whereby you can make calls using your webcam for video feed.

In plain english, Voixio offers free international calls anywhere in the world in leiu of advertisements. The moment you hit the call button, an advertisement starts running the Advertisement panel. Once the ad is over, the call is placed to the other party.

Lets see how you ca use Voixio to make free calls.

1) when you go to Voixio, a screen will pop-up to enter your username/password, is where you log in by inputting youremail address and password and clicking the LOGIN button and also given an option to register.

2) Voixio will detect the webcams and microphones that are available on your computer and these will bedisplayed when you click the “Camera & Mic” button located under the main video window and to theright of the volume slider bar.

3) You can make calls to Standard domestic and international, landline and mobile telephone numbers or other Voixio users or any SIP address.

4) Of course you can choose to receive calls on Voixio from any other users or SIP address. When you receive a call (either audio or video) the keyboard area is replaced by answer or ignorebuttons for you to select.

5) You can free conference calls between voixio users. You can add callers to an existing conversation (or conference) by making a call to an additional user,thus inviting him/her to the conference.

At this stage, its not very clear about the length of the call. When we tried, our call wasn't placed properly. The call got cut immediately after ringing for about 30 seconds. Although, when we tried USA it worked fine for about 5 minutes. We cut the call ourselves.

This should work just fine for countries like India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

So if advertising dont bother you much, free calls are at your doostep with Voixio. Give them a try and let us know how it went.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Ultimate Hack for Free Worldwide Calls

Alright. I have gone through all the comments lately about VOIP Guide loosing that "old touch" of being the most unique FREE VOIP blog. Finally decided to post a hack to make free international calls. This should work for India as well. I didnt test it. I hope the large reader base here would test and post the results.

Thanks to Sriram V who sent me the hack. Although, I didnt post it last time. Here you go now. This Jaxtr hack is completed unedited, am sure Sriram would be around to give you nominal support if you need any.

1) Register a new account at jaxtr with ur mobile mumber (landline will do, i believe!!).
2) You get 100 jax for just registering.
3) Ask your friends to call you thru this account till you have no jaxtr remaining.
4) Goto your add/remove phone settings. remove your number. (yeah, remove it)
5) now register a new jaxtr account with another email id.
6) give your number here (yes, the removed one!). jaxtr wont tell you that this number is already in use!! (actually this is the main hack)
7) give this account id to ur friends
8) do this as many times you want!!
9) happy calling.. :-)

As I already said, i can't promise if the hack works or not. You guys test the hack and post your results under comments.

If you know any interesting working VOIP hacks, don't hesitate to send across to me at

I would also like form a team/community of people who would work together to find interesting VOIP hacks/workarounds. If anyone is interested do drop me an email or post a forum topic at Free VoIP Hacks Forum.

Fring inviting VOIP Provider Partnerships

Fring is now taking a interesting way forward towards becoming a Mobile VOIP application with multi VOIP provider partnerships. It was about time for them to start providing more focussed services through partnerships rather than directly competing with other Mobile VOIP operators such as Truphone.

One of the things they’ve just come up with is the fring Affiliate Program (which means Fring is happy to have almost any one as fring partner).

The program gives players such as SIP, Broadband VoIP ISPs & WiFi providers, a way to offer their services easily to mobile phone users. In return, it allows our partners & fring users to use their account seamlessly and without any manual configuration.

If you are one of the VOIP providers who would like to new customers or extend your service to Mobile VOIP market, this is a great opportunity to work with best mobile voip application developer, Fring.

You can join "Fring Partner Program" through their Partner Page.

It’s another example of fring’s openness and freedom. Anyone can come and play and offer fring’s freedom of choice to their customers. This is seriously a great way to expand your customer base. Fring will also promote your service on their partner pages.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Lingo 3 months FREE VOIP service coupon

We received confirmed news that Lingo VOIP 3 months FREE Service coupon code is set to expire on 8th March. That's only 2 days to go. After 4 days, you will no longer get the same promotion. You will not only have to more but you would not get 3 months totally free service.

If you want to check out the review of the service, We reviewed Lingo VOIP last month. Lingo VOIP has good reputation and its no non-sense service. Offers good old VOIP telephony at affordable rates.
For quick reference, here are the Lingo VOIP Plans:

With the 3 months FREE Promotion, you would also get:

1) FREE unlimited calling to other In-Network Lingo subscribers
2) Local Number Portability so you can keep your existing phone number
3) Lingo Phone Adapter/ Lingo Router (Linksys Adapter given away to you for FREE)

Go get Lingo VOIP Today.

Cheapest Calls to India and Indonesia

This is a must-read for everyone. This will beat your good old Betamax, for that matter anything that you might have used earlier. You can make Unlimited calls (per call no limit) to India using this service.

Pennytel is back with the "Talk till you drop" promotion. If you haven't been using Pennytel, then you are seriously wasting your money on other VOIP providers. There are really some great reasons to use Pennytel as your preferred VOIP provider not just for India but for many countries.

Under the "Talk till you drop" promotion which is now extended, however prices have changed. It still looks by far the best and most cheapest way to call India.

Pennytel is offering 8c untimed (You can talk as much as you want, no limit on call time) destinations to over 70 destinations, which does not include India but includes some of the most priced destionations such as Indonesia. To make calls to Indonesia from Singapore is a nightmare, almost $1 per minute. I can't imagine pennytel is offering Indonesia for 8 c per call. This is by far the cheapest call to Indonesia.

Now, Pennytel is also offering the rest of destionations at 38.88c per call (Its AUD so its around 36.5 USD cents per call, which is great). This rate applies to countries such as India. If you talk for more than 10 minutes, you already beat Betamax rates.

Lets see why this is cheapest call to india.

Imagine you talking for over 60 minutes to India. With Betamax, considering rates of 3 cents per minute, you would have paid 60 x 3= 1.80 USD. With Pennytel, you would only be spending 36.5 cents, thats almost a saving of over 1.10 dollars.

The more you talk, the more you benefit coz once the call starts, you just need to pay 36.5 cents. So remember not to talk for less than 10 minutes or you could be loosing against betamax.

On top of all this, they are throwing in some great goodies.

1. 50 Free SMS Monthly!
2. Free Traditional Phone Number!
3. No commitment, contract or minimum terms
4. No flagfall or connection fees
5. Free PennyTel to PennyTel Calls
6. Per second billing - for destinations that are not untimed

Remember, you can configure Pennytel on your SIP softphone or you can use it using Mobile VOIP or you can download their softphone.

Those who love to talk for long hours will benefit a lot. Happy talking to your friends and family.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Truphone extends Free Calls till June 1st

only yesterday we were wondering if Truphone will continue to offer free calls or just get into the "paid" model. Apparently they did both, they continued with Free Calls to 40 countries however launched a Paid Calls model silently targetting new customers.

If you one of those lucky truphone users who signed up before 29th February 2008, then thank god for it. You almost missed "Truphone Free Offer", coz truphone is ONLY offering free calls to those people who signed up before 29th February. If you haven't done it before 29th, you are pretty much screwed :-)

I almost gave up hopes looking at their homepage on 1st March. It didnt state anything about "free calls" offer extension. In fact it was just about the paid model and some enermous cost to make calls to certain destionations such as india (almost 9.92 cents per minute). WOW, i almost about to uninstall truphone, but well miracles happen. I received Truphone's email just in time. Here is copy for everyone, some of you might not have received.

Today, Truphone is introducing the Tru Zone - simple, low-cost calling from anywhere on the planet.

We’ve abolished roaming charges. That means it doesn’t matter where you are or where you travel to, you’ll pay the same easy to understand rate to make Wi-Fi calls to domestic and international numbers. And there are no inbound charges either.

You can call any of the 40 countries in the Tru Zone for a tiny 6c to landlines and 30c to mobiles. Some countries such as the USA, Canada and China are double special. Calls to both landlines and mobiles are a flat 6c! Calls to much of the rest of the world are flat and simple too – just 10c to landlines and 30c to mobiles.

New customers from now on will get the Tru Zone offer. However, as a big thank you for being one of our early supporters, you can continue to enjoy your existing Launch Offer pricing (that means free calls to 40 countries) until June 1st. Of course, if you want to switch to the Tru Zone pricing for low rates to everywhere, just let us know via

Well I would like to thank Truphone team for listening to everyone's request to continue with the free calls offer. I would again like to say, Truphone owns when it comes to making free mobile voip calls. It's easy, you can use your mobile, what else you want?

We wish truphone all the very best with their paid model, of course thats the only money maker for them to cover up losses in "Free Calls" model.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

How to use Flashphone and Nonoh for free calls

We discussed about Flashphone last week and how they restarted their "free calls" service. Unfortunately the service somehow never worked for anyone. We told Flasphone team about this bug and waiting for them to update us on this.

In the mean time, Flashphone team has shared with us a video tutorial to use Flashphone with Nonoh to make free calls.

Here is the video tutorial :

The video unfortunately doesn't have audio enabled (only occasional). However its pretty much self-explanatory.

To quickly summarise, I am putting down some key steps.

1) You need to register at Flashphone
2) You need to then visit your Flashphone account Manager.
3) Now Add Nonoh SIP account details.
Nonoh SIP server: Use your Nonoh username and password.
4) Once added, you would see a new SIP provider profile in account page.
5) Now go back to flashphone homepage and login.
6) Flash phone will launch. Enter your number and make calls.

Note: Nonoh calling rates will apply. Please check nonoh fair usage policy if you exceed free calls limit.

On a sidenote, you can achieve the same thing with Tringme and Gtalk2voip. Both works absolutely similar to Flashphone. In gtalk2voip, you can even set dialing pattern for each country.

Hope you enjoy the Flashphone Tutorial. If you have any suggestions, Please drop under comments. Flashphone team visit VOIP Guide often and should be more than happy to implement some of them.