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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Cheapest Calls to India and Indonesia

This is a must-read for everyone. This will beat your good old Betamax, for that matter anything that you might have used earlier. You can make Unlimited calls (per call no limit) to India using this service.

Pennytel is back with the "Talk till you drop" promotion. If you haven't been using Pennytel, then you are seriously wasting your money on other VOIP providers. There are really some great reasons to use Pennytel as your preferred VOIP provider not just for India but for many countries.

Under the "Talk till you drop" promotion which is now extended, however prices have changed. It still looks by far the best and most cheapest way to call India.

Pennytel is offering 8c untimed (You can talk as much as you want, no limit on call time) destinations to over 70 destinations, which does not include India but includes some of the most priced destionations such as Indonesia. To make calls to Indonesia from Singapore is a nightmare, almost $1 per minute. I can't imagine pennytel is offering Indonesia for 8 c per call. This is by far the cheapest call to Indonesia.

Now, Pennytel is also offering the rest of destionations at 38.88c per call (Its AUD so its around 36.5 USD cents per call, which is great). This rate applies to countries such as India. If you talk for more than 10 minutes, you already beat Betamax rates.

Lets see why this is cheapest call to india.

Imagine you talking for over 60 minutes to India. With Betamax, considering rates of 3 cents per minute, you would have paid 60 x 3= 1.80 USD. With Pennytel, you would only be spending 36.5 cents, thats almost a saving of over 1.10 dollars.

The more you talk, the more you benefit coz once the call starts, you just need to pay 36.5 cents. So remember not to talk for less than 10 minutes or you could be loosing against betamax.

On top of all this, they are throwing in some great goodies.

1. 50 Free SMS Monthly!
2. Free Traditional Phone Number!
3. No commitment, contract or minimum terms
4. No flagfall or connection fees
5. Free PennyTel to PennyTel Calls
6. Per second billing - for destinations that are not untimed

Remember, you can configure Pennytel on your SIP softphone or you can use it using Mobile VOIP or you can download their softphone.

Those who love to talk for long hours will benefit a lot. Happy talking to your friends and family.

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