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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Now Make VOIP Calls from any mobile

Don't have the latest Nokia handset? Your handset not supported by Mobile VOIP providers? Still using good old Nokia handset bought in 90s? No worries. Now Tringme has got you covered.

Tringme today launched a revolutionary (Patent Pending) Mobile VOIP service which will enable anyone to make VOIP calls using any handset (absolutely any handsets even reliance and tata indcom handsets will work) with just a simple SMS to Tringme Gateway. If you look at the markets like India, this is going to be one of the significant and valuable service for a common man who have no other mean to access VoIP.

Till today, we had Fring and Truphone leading the Mobile VOIP scene however there are restrictions. They only support selected handsets. Now with Tringme, this goes to a new level altogether with almost anyone can use Mobile VOIP as long as they have a mobile and can send SMS :-)

Again Yusuf (Tringme's Founder and my close friend) said in his writeup, "In developing countries like India, more than 80% mobile users do not have data connection on their mobile. And for the remaining ones who have it, data connection is poor to have any effective real time communication like VoIP. We strongly believe that to make Mobile-VoIP a common-place technology, it needs to cater to the lowest-end mobile devices, devices which can just make voice-calls and do SMS." (source: TRAI). Secondly, Smartphones only constituted 10% of the total mobiles sold last year (source: Symbian market share data).

So almost 90% of mobile users (which translates to millions of users) – a fairly big share of market – are devoid of using Mobile-VoIP via their existing mobile devices.

Lets see how you can use the service.

It’s very easy to use this service. The alpha pilot is currently only available in India. You can send an SMS to 91- 9980153695 to try out this service. Please follow the instructions below:

1 - Register with TringMe if you haven’t already.

2- Register the mobile with TringMe from which one wants to make the low cost worldwide call. User can register their mobile with their TringMe account by sending an SMS as follows:
tringme reg
3) A confirmation message will be received about success of the registration.

Making Calls

Once registered, user can make worldwide calls, not only to the phones but to Gtalk, SIP URI etc by merely sending an SMS as follows:
for example, to call a US number 1-(858)-555-1212, one only need to send a SMS "tringme 18585551212"

Users can also call millions of worldwide SIP users just by using SIP URI as follows:

To make a call to a registered TringMe user, send an SMS as follows:

This will establish a call from the originator’s mobile device to the caller’s currently configured termination device. For example, if user has chose to receive call on Gtalk, sending above SMS will connect your phone to his or her Gtalk.

You can even schedule a call for later time, say for a business meeting or conference. TringMe understand time in plain english and you can specify absolute date and time or in relative terms. You can schedule it in one of several ways:
tringme 18585551212 next week 11:30AM
tringme 18585551212 March 17, 2008 11:30AM
tringme 18585551212 tomorrow 11:30AM

As many of you know, I work closely with Tringme, so your feedback is much appreciated. Secondly, we got a big annoucement. We reduced the rates by over 20-25% to many destionations including India. Now Calls to India are at 3.99c per minute only. This is India wide Landline + Mobile any network.

Go register at Tringme and make cheap calls around the world.

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