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Sunday, March 2, 2008

How to use Flashphone and Nonoh for free calls

We discussed about Flashphone last week and how they restarted their "free calls" service. Unfortunately the service somehow never worked for anyone. We told Flasphone team about this bug and waiting for them to update us on this.

In the mean time, Flashphone team has shared with us a video tutorial to use Flashphone with Nonoh to make free calls.

Here is the video tutorial :

The video unfortunately doesn't have audio enabled (only occasional). However its pretty much self-explanatory.

To quickly summarise, I am putting down some key steps.

1) You need to register at Flashphone
2) You need to then visit your Flashphone account Manager.
3) Now Add Nonoh SIP account details.
Nonoh SIP server: Use your Nonoh username and password.
4) Once added, you would see a new SIP provider profile in account page.
5) Now go back to flashphone homepage and login.
6) Flash phone will launch. Enter your number and make calls.

Note: Nonoh calling rates will apply. Please check nonoh fair usage policy if you exceed free calls limit.

On a sidenote, you can achieve the same thing with Tringme and Gtalk2voip. Both works absolutely similar to Flashphone. In gtalk2voip, you can even set dialing pattern for each country.

Hope you enjoy the Flashphone Tutorial. If you have any suggestions, Please drop under comments. Flashphone team visit VOIP Guide often and should be more than happy to implement some of them.

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