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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Toktumi SOHO VOIP service

We first heard about Toktumi on Free VoIP Hacks forums. Later, looked up and did a research on this new VOIP company offering free usa incoming phone number and Forwarding service.

Toktumi categorise themselves as Home Office and Small Business VOIP service. The most exciting feature of Toktumi is "Free USA incoming number", which is given to you instantly when you register for the service.

For Small Busineses, Toktumi lets you set up an entire office in minutes - one line per PC. Start with one line add more any time. All this is offered FREE. You can even use voicemail, auto-attendant, Conferencing.

The registration however is a bit complicated. You need to download Toktumi Client and install it on your machine. This downloading and installation seem to take enormous time (over 15 minutes). Toktumi guys really need to fix this. During registration process they issue a free incoming usa number and attach it to your account. You need to verify your account with activation code and then you are live with toktumi. People can immediately start calling you on your number. You can also buy a toktumi adapter which they sell for $19.95 which will let you port Toktumi number to normal landline phone. Basically, you can get a Free USA number with a proper landline phone line.

Toktumi can be a great alternative to Skypein number. Why pay for skypein number when you get a Toktumi number free which people can call you on. I tried calling myself using Truphone and it worked pretty ok. There was a bit of delay in voice quality and some echo sound. I suspect it could be due to my microphone. Otherwise, the call went through OK. If you happed to test the audio quality on Toktumi, do let us know.

Overall a great addition to the VOIP market, Having a USA number is always handy.

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