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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Ether VOIP Hack for Free Calls

We just heard over at the Tipsity forums about a new service which will let you make free calls to many countries including UAE. All thanks to Satphoneguy for finding this new service.

The service is run by AT & T and its called Ether. However don't get misleaded by their homepage. Ether is actually a paid to talk service, where experts can charge people to talk to them. Like for example, I can setup a account on Ether with the following description.

Listing Name: VOIP Expert
Tags: Setting up VOIP phone, SIP networks, Telephony, VOIP
Pricing Plan: Free until "*"; $0.01 per minute; Repeat

That means I can help you setup your VOIP at your home or business. If you want to contact me, just dial my ether number 1-888-MY-ETHER ext. 02703XXX. So consider you live in Michigan, have a old sunrocket gizmo and want to hook up a SIP service with that. However you have little or no knowledge about SIP or VOIP, of course you have no clue how Sunrocket Gizmo can be unlocked. There you need some expert help, so you can contact me and I will charge you 0.01 cents per minute. Ether takes 15% commission.

Now this is all what Ether told you right. Now here is the ultimate hack to convert this to a totally Free Calling Haven. Lets see how we do it.

1) Go to Ether and register.
2) Add a phone number. currently Ether offers about 20 odd countries. No India sorrry. UAE is accepted which is extremely surprising.
3) While you add a number, rememeber to chose the option,
Allow customers to start the call for free. The rate below will begin when you press *.
Now this is the hack. Remember this.
4) Now Ether will assign you a extension number like 1-888-MY-ETHER ext. 02703XXX.
5) If someone wants to talk to you, give them this number, 1-888-MY-ETHER (1-888-69-38437) and ask them to enter your extension at the prompt.
6) your call will be connected but remember dont press *, coz that will trigger the billing :-)

Talk as much as you want, its all FREE. The only worry is it's a USA number, however they are various ways to call USA number for Free. You can use Earthcaller, icall or Truphone to make calls to that Ether number.

Satphoneguy has tested the service have successfully called up UK Mobile, Germany and USA. UK Mobile is never given away for FREE. This is a great opportunity to use Ether to make free calls.

Let us know where you made Free calls with this Ultimate new way.

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