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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Truphone extends Free Calls till June 1st

only yesterday we were wondering if Truphone will continue to offer free calls or just get into the "paid" model. Apparently they did both, they continued with Free Calls to 40 countries however launched a Paid Calls model silently targetting new customers.

If you one of those lucky truphone users who signed up before 29th February 2008, then thank god for it. You almost missed "Truphone Free Offer", coz truphone is ONLY offering free calls to those people who signed up before 29th February. If you haven't done it before 29th, you are pretty much screwed :-)

I almost gave up hopes looking at their homepage on 1st March. It didnt state anything about "free calls" offer extension. In fact it was just about the paid model and some enermous cost to make calls to certain destionations such as india (almost 9.92 cents per minute). WOW, i almost about to uninstall truphone, but well miracles happen. I received Truphone's email just in time. Here is copy for everyone, some of you might not have received.

Today, Truphone is introducing the Tru Zone - simple, low-cost calling from anywhere on the planet.

We’ve abolished roaming charges. That means it doesn’t matter where you are or where you travel to, you’ll pay the same easy to understand rate to make Wi-Fi calls to domestic and international numbers. And there are no inbound charges either.

You can call any of the 40 countries in the Tru Zone for a tiny 6c to landlines and 30c to mobiles. Some countries such as the USA, Canada and China are double special. Calls to both landlines and mobiles are a flat 6c! Calls to much of the rest of the world are flat and simple too – just 10c to landlines and 30c to mobiles.

New customers from now on will get the Tru Zone offer. However, as a big thank you for being one of our early supporters, you can continue to enjoy your existing Launch Offer pricing (that means free calls to 40 countries) until June 1st. Of course, if you want to switch to the Tru Zone pricing for low rates to everywhere, just let us know via

Well I would like to thank Truphone team for listening to everyone's request to continue with the free calls offer. I would again like to say, Truphone owns when it comes to making free mobile voip calls. It's easy, you can use your mobile, what else you want?

We wish truphone all the very best with their paid model, of course thats the only money maker for them to cover up losses in "Free Calls" model.

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