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Friday, March 7, 2008

Ultimate Hack for Free Worldwide Calls

Alright. I have gone through all the comments lately about VOIP Guide loosing that "old touch" of being the most unique FREE VOIP blog. Finally decided to post a hack to make free international calls. This should work for India as well. I didnt test it. I hope the large reader base here would test and post the results.

Thanks to Sriram V who sent me the hack. Although, I didnt post it last time. Here you go now. This Jaxtr hack is completed unedited, am sure Sriram would be around to give you nominal support if you need any.

1) Register a new account at jaxtr with ur mobile mumber (landline will do, i believe!!).
2) You get 100 jax for just registering.
3) Ask your friends to call you thru this account till you have no jaxtr remaining.
4) Goto your add/remove phone settings. remove your number. (yeah, remove it)
5) now register a new jaxtr account with another email id.
6) give your number here (yes, the removed one!). jaxtr wont tell you that this number is already in use!! (actually this is the main hack)
7) give this account id to ur friends
8) do this as many times you want!!
9) happy calling.. :-)

As I already said, i can't promise if the hack works or not. You guys test the hack and post your results under comments.

If you know any interesting working VOIP hacks, don't hesitate to send across to me at

I would also like form a team/community of people who would work together to find interesting VOIP hacks/workarounds. If anyone is interested do drop me an email or post a forum topic at Free VoIP Hacks Forum.


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