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Friday, March 21, 2008

VOIP hack to make free worldwide calls

We posted about the ultimate VOIP hack a few days back. It seems that the Jaxtr guys fixed that bug. I guess they should pay us for finding bugs in their VOIP applications :-)

Moving on, our regular reader Sriram has sent us another great hack for Jaxtr. Lets see how we can use this to make free voip calls worldwide.

1) Download iCall softphone (u get 5mins free calls to US n Canada per call)
2) Register for an account with iCall.
3) Goto ur friend's profile in Jaxtr. Click Call Me button. Select United States in country list.
4) Now enter the iCall PhoneOut number 6464657602. Click Get Number button.
5) You'll get a US phone number to dial. (like 1-646-xxx-xxxx) Save that number somewhere.
6) Now, login to iCall softphone.
7) Enter the number u got from Jaxtr here and dial.
8) iCall allows free 5min calls to US and Canada per call. (iCall Pro users get unlimited free minutes to US n Canada.)
9) Talk for 5mins. Ur call will get disconnected after that. (iCall Pro users can talk longer).
10) U can redial the same number untill you are taken to the voicemail box. :-)

You could possibly use this with other Free VOIP services which gives you Free incoming US number. The trick is jaxtr should recognise that number while dialing in.

Good luck making free worldwide calls!


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