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Friday, March 7, 2008

Fring inviting VOIP Provider Partnerships

Fring is now taking a interesting way forward towards becoming a Mobile VOIP application with multi VOIP provider partnerships. It was about time for them to start providing more focussed services through partnerships rather than directly competing with other Mobile VOIP operators such as Truphone.

One of the things they’ve just come up with is the fring Affiliate Program (which means Fring is happy to have almost any one as fring partner).

The program gives players such as SIP, Broadband VoIP ISPs & WiFi providers, a way to offer their services easily to mobile phone users. In return, it allows our partners & fring users to use their account seamlessly and without any manual configuration.

If you are one of the VOIP providers who would like to new customers or extend your service to Mobile VOIP market, this is a great opportunity to work with best mobile voip application developer, Fring.

You can join "Fring Partner Program" through their Partner Page.

It’s another example of fring’s openness and freedom. Anyone can come and play and offer fring’s freedom of choice to their customers. This is seriously a great way to expand your customer base. Fring will also promote your service on their partner pages.

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