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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Improve voip quality with PBXMate

Annoyed with background noise while making a important business call with your VOIP service? We are in the same boat. Often background noises decrease voip voice quality to substantially lower standards.

Solicall has a solution to address this issue. SoliCall announced the release of its PBX Mate – an innovative and breakthrough technology that will reduce background noise in VoIP networks supporting SIP.

By simple configuration, you can use SoliCall's PBX Mate in different ways, like:

* Filter all calls entering a conference room to enhance the audio quality in conference calls.

* Reduce background noise coming from external cellular phones or from other external systems.

We blogged about Solicall in the past and reviewed about their noise reducing solution in our Top 10 VOIP Software Add-on post.

The best thing about Solicall is, it works with any softphone or even normal voice messenger clients such as Yahoo, Google talk or Skype.

We recommend you give solicall a try. Their Solicall Add-on is totally free and PBX Mate is a paid software, more intended for business class voip users. You can download Solicall Free Add-on

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