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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Globe7 VOIP releases version 8.0

Globe 7 started advertising based VOIP model some years back and instanly became hit. They managed to get over 1 million globe 7 client downloads in no time.

However stopped offering free Pc to Phone calls once they established themselves as a known voip providers. Globe 7 started offering free calls in lieu of watching streaming video content from media partners. If you watch a video, they used to credit your account with talktime which you could use to make calls anywhere in the world.

The things have changed since then and now Free Calls are non-existent besides a few sponsord offers minutes. However the sponsored minutes page when we checked was seriously difficult to understand. There is no clear criteria on how the minutes will be credited and What sponsor expects from the visitor.

This leaves Globe 7 to be recognised as a pure cheap VOIP provider. Why cheap? coz they offer some great competitive rates to some destinations. For e.g: According to their website, India can be reached at 0.0528 thats about 5 cents per minutes. Surely looks competitive in comparison to the Standard market rate of close to 6-8 cents per minute.

Globe 7 version 8.0 also offers Soft Phone, IM, Videos, Games, News. You can add more widgets to the softphone from their website.

At the end of the day, Globe 7 is just another VOIP service which offers low cost calls to certain countries.

You can download Globe 7 version 8.0

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