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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Pudding offering Free USA Canada Calls

We discussed about The Pudding VOIP when it was ready for a launch. Now they seem to have gone one step ahad and actually launched their pretty interesting VOIP service which offers totally free calls to USA and Canada in lieu of viewing advertisements.

You must be wondering are this ads just placed all over the place? is it just like the german cheap VOIP provider Peterzahlt? The answer is No. Pudding uses an intitive interface to listen to your conversion and pick up keywords and then display ads based on it. Interesting? It definately is.
Let see an example of The Pudding VOIP service.

If you notice, the guy called up his friend using The Pudding Free Calls service to discuss about plans to go to hawaii. The Pudding software picked up hawaii keyword and started displaying relevant ads.
I wonder how well they are doing in advertisement based VOIP service. We knew that Globe7 once followed a similar model and later shut it down when they got more serious about making money. It also depends on the ad inventory for such service.
We also managed to grab an interesting Video of The Pudding VOIP service. Worth a look. The Pudding Free Calls service is currently limited to USA and Canada only. My guess it would be limited to those 2 countries forever. The Pudding is also currently available to limited beta users. If you are in USA or Canada, you might wanna give thme a try. Who doesn't want a Free Calling service? Go register your email for their Private Beta

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