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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Yak4ever close down

The free calling movement started by Pat Phelan with his first introduction of and then bouncing back with vengeance by providing another free calling service Yak4ever has finally come to an end.

We can understand the frustration that Pat must have gone through during the court cases and again by large telcos. At the end of the day, telcos won the battle. However the real question remains, whats the future of "minute Stealer" long distance free calling services? I would say not too bright.

Telco's dont give F to FCC rulings. As per Pat, "While the FCC has ruled that the marketing programs of the Rural CLECS are valid and serve a public purpose. In spite of this ruling, the Carriers are still refusing to pay." That means the carriers wont pay these free service providers and in turn kill their business for good. Big fish eats the small fish afterall.

Yak4ever was a fantastic service started by Pat Phelan, a fellow blogger, entrepreneur and personal friend. I am confident he will bounce back with something more exciting in near future. Of course he is doing good with MaxRoam however we expect to see him more on the VOIP scene in future.

It started with Futurephone, then it was and now Yak4ever. However we salute the courage of these providers who gave us free service in tough time.

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