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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

VoxCall enabled free voip calls

It seems everyone in the VOIP industry wants to enter the Voice 2.0, Widgets, Mashups jargon or atleast associated themselves with this web 2.0 frenzy. This time the good old veteran Voxalot does it with their new VOIP Free Calling Application for Facebook.

The application is named VoxCall that allows you to easily initiate calls for free between your Facebook friends by using your Voxalot account. All you have to do to configure,

1)Enter your Voxalot URI (eg. and you are ready to go.

2)To confirm your identity, VoxCall will call your number and ask you to enter the PIN that is displayed on the screen.

3)Using VoxCall is as simple as clicking on your friend's faces; VoxCall will automatically connect to whatever number your friends have configured.In addition to calling your friends, you can also have a multi-way conference callwith your friends.

So already a facebook member, then why not try VoxCall If you haven't signed up for Facebook, then you should. Check out why Microsoft paid $240 million for that tool:-)

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