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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Gizmo5 offers Free calls via Backdoor Dialing method

It seems people are now inspired by Free VoIP Hacks :-)There were times, when we used to be the only people finding some great hacks to make free calls around the globe. It seems now even mainstream commercial companies are participating and finding new loopholes to make free calls.

A leading VOIP firm, SIPPhone (guys behind Gizmo Project) have started offering a grey root method (they call it backdoor dialing) to make free calls to USA.

According to Gizmo5, SIPPhone's mobile VOIP service, Approximately 11% of US telephones, including mobile numbers and land lines from carriers such as Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, etc., are connected via VoIP. Working with telecom partners we are now making it possible to dial these numbers without going through the traditional phone system.

However since its just 11% of the USA lines, you can't possibly call all USA phone lines for FREE. They built a FREE Phone finder which will tell you if the target number can be dialed for free or not.

They are basically bypassing the PSTN routes to save on termination cost. Its a great thinking and I wish they could extend this to internation destionations and not just USA. USA is given away FREE by any tom dick and harry these days.

How do you make calls using Backdoor Dialing?

Using Gizmo5 software on any Mac/Win/Lin computer simply dial the prefix 0101 and then the desired telephone number. For example, 0101 858-555-1212

Alternatively, You can download Gizmo 5 for Mobile and make calls. Of course, you need to connect to Gizmo 5 via Wifi, 3G or GPRS. You can also set it up on ATA or SIP Phone.

Lets hope this last long. This is probably the second time, I liked Gizmo. The first time when I hacked into original GizmoCall program and converted 5 mins call into 40 minutes per day. Alas they fixed it later. Now I kinda like them, ain't they now officially ethical backdoor hackers?

I can't imagine how traditional telecom companies would be responding to this but I can guess they won't be throwin in a party soon.

Did I hear Pat Phelan singing, "Die AT&T die?" :-)

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