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Saturday, February 9, 2008

Paltalk VOIP Video conferencing solution

Many of us use Skype, Yahoo Voice or any other voice messengers for making PC to PC phone calls. While some of the softwares scores in Voice quality they lack in video conferencing or vice versa. Today we discuss about Paltalk, a extremely popular VOIP and largest Video conferencing solution.

PaltalkScene directly competes with Yahoo Voice, Skype and the likes in the VOIP and Video conferencing solutions market. However Pal talk till date have been only successful in USA and Canada. The growth has been limited for them to these regions. However now they are expanding their product line by offering some of the industry's first solutions. They recently moved into Social conferencing business and now offer Screening Rooms adds video streams to special PalTalk chat rooms where up to 5,000 users can watch videos simultaneously. The screening rooms show Free live performances and chat sessions.

Screening Rooms works mostly like Skypecasts, however add video conferencing as a primary feature of the screencast. Skypecasts currently do not office video conferencing in skypecasts. The best part of streaming content over video conferencing is you can host your own screening room and stream content over the internet. Imagine millions streaming their favorite stuff on Video conferencing and you can view all that for free including movies, TV shows.

If you are already using Yahoo messenger or Skype, Paltalk is another must-have VOIP video conferencing application.

Go get Paltalk and enjoy conferencing with millions of others.

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