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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Virtual Number with Call Forwarding

Do you ever wanted to own a number in a country of your choice? Ever wanted to do business in other countries but lack of communication and local phone numbers becoming a hurdle? The time has come, now you can issue a local phone number in any country of your choice and then forward it anywhere in the world.

JetNumbers, a leading virtual numbers provider in the world, is offering some great products and services. Jetnumbers let you pickup any geographic phone number and then forward the call to any country of your choice. It's as easy as making a sandwich.

Now why would you use it? there has to be good reason for people to utilise the service. Well there are in fact several reasons, many businesses today operate globally but not necessarily based out of a certain country. Lets take an example, you own a business in India but offer products in USA. If your customers in USA want to call you, will they dial your India number and pay for international calls? No never. They need a US number to call. This will not only improve your brand in US but you will get some immediate leads which you were loosing on.

There are tremendous benefits for individuals as well. Imagine, you live in Australia but want family and friends to call you at local rate? Get a number in US and forward it to Australia and you are done.

The best part of using a call forwarding facility is that you can forward your calls anywhere in the world and to any medium, be it your landline, mobile phone or even Skype. They recently started an innovative call forwarding facility which lets you forward calls to your Skype account. No need to buy a seperate Skypein number, just get a Jetnumber and you are done.

Unlike other services like Skypein which supports only 18 countries, Jetnumbers offers their service in over 50 countries. That means you can issue a local number in over 50 countries in the world. You can also get a Pakistan number and forward to any phone anywhere in the world.

Considering price perspective, I would say Jetnumbers for Skype is a Great Deal. Lets discuss about how Jetnumbers for Skype can be used.

You can have a virtual phone number in Spain, and receive the calls in your Skype account in your personal computer. Your friends and family in Spain will call you at local call rates and then calls are auto forwarded to your Skype account. All this instantly. No special extension, codes or any other jargon involved. The moment you call the number, it gets forwarded to your Skype account. The best part of the deal is that you get Unlimited Minutes for just $6.99 per month (the price vary depending on the country where you want the virtual number to be).

Of course, you can also buy one of the call forwarding products which start from Basic Plan ($19.99 per month) to more premium accounts of $29.99 or $49.99. For businesses, $49.99 per month with the Company Plan makes a lot of sense. For individuals, I highly recommend the Skype Plan starting at $6.99.

We did a test on Jetnumbers for last 2 weeks before writing this review and our findings in a nutshell are as follows:

1) Great Voice Quality : A Singapore number was forwarded to Mumbai Mobile (hutch) number.

2) Easy account management: You can change your forwarding number any time you like from the easy account management page.

3) No need of Internet or special VOIP devices: Extremely easy for people who ain't good with this stuff. Mostly parents who are not PRO users. Just tell them a number to call and the call gets auto-forwarded to you. Imagine your parents in pakistan calling you using a local pakistan number. It's extremely simple and easy to use.

4) Get a virtual number in countries where others can't issue a number. For e.g: You can issue a Spanish number and forward to any phone number you want.

Overall I would say, Jetnumbers is definitely worth a try. If you are keen on using a call forwarding facility, its essential that you make this seamless and easy. Jetnumbers does it all for you. Pay local and go global.

Go get yourself a Jetnumber and Let your friends/family/clients call you

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Nicole said...

great post..just visited the website and likely to try it someday..
btw, if you're interested, I've been using Number Garage, it allows me to keep my cell phone number forever and also forwards all the incoming calls on my park phone number to the cell-phone or land-line number of my choice..