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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

5 things about Betamax VOIP you didn't know

We receive enormous comments for any post remotely related to Betamax and its VOIP services. Some of the post are targetted towards their voip minute billings issues or some with their voip service.

Today, we thought its about time we educate our readers about things you need to be cautious about while using Betamax.

We all know they had or still have issues with their systems. Most of the time, the account gets blocked or credit disappear etc. Lets see how we can possibly protect ourselves to the max if not the fullest.

1) Making Calls Via Betamax product such as Voipcheap, voipraider, lowratevoip, nonoh, 12voip etc:

You need to be extremely cautious while using your own VOIP hardware while making calls via their SIP services.

Users like Ramesh from Bankok emailed us saying " The published rate to make a call to India using voipraider is 3.5 cents. But I've made a call using ATA, and it deducts about 14 cents per minute. Afterwards I've made a phone-to-phone call using voipraider. Same 14 cent again. But an additional 5 cents per call for connection.
Finally I've made a call thro' softphone. Just 3.5 cents only getting deducted.

Now does that mean, if you call via their softphone its only 3.5 cents but if you use any other method like SIP Phone or VOIP Adapter, they will charge you more? Anyone else can confirm this?

2) Phone to Phone Calling Secret you possible didn't know:

Lets take an example you are in India and want to call USA. You are jumping with joy looking at USA as free destination. You buy some credit and thought of making a call. You are obsessed with your landline phone so you make a Phone to Phone call. Had a great chat. Now its time to check the account balance, oops you got furious? They possibly deducted some money from your account. You run to VOIP Guide screaming over betamax that they are cheating you. That was a typical story.

However, you missed the whole point. When you are using Phone to Phone calls always remember that when you receive a callback from their service, it costs them some money. India is not a free country, so if you use phone to phone, the call you receive in India is charged. Hope that makes it clear for some who thought they lost their money.

3) Most Common Registration 32 error:

We suggest you try disabling your firewall or antivirus software which might be blocking certain ports. Besides that, another common pattern is if you have used their service in the past, the registry entries are created in your windows registry. Flush them out and try registering again. The registry hack is not recommended for the weak hearted means newbies :-)This can crash your PC, am serious.

4) Improving Voice Quality:

While making calls, shut down all other resource hungry bandwidth eating apps in the background. Pause your downloads. The more bandwidth your voip service has the more clarity you should get. People often forget that your uploads matter than most than your downloads. You wouldn't know this unless you are a gamer :-)

5)Fraud VOIP Resellers:

There are apparently some people claiming to be resellers of Betamax. I am not saying all are fraud but beware of them who imitate betamax products or for that matter any other voip service and claim to provide you a free service. I suggest extreme caution while buying from such resellers.

We hope that this quick betamax usage guide should help you in dealing with Betamax services and improve your overall experience.

If anyone has any more tips to share with our readers, please drop them under comments or send over email.

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