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Sunday, December 2, 2007

Pingo Announces New Convenience Features for Consumers and Small Businesses, Making Low-Cost International Calling Easier Than Ever

Pingo®, the online calling service from iBasis , today announced it has added new convenience features making it easier than ever for consumers and small business users to take advantage of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) for low-cost international calling.

Pingo and Pingo Business™ are powerful telephony services that deliver the savings of VoIP, while allowing consumers to use any fixed-line or mobile phone without additional specialized equipment purchases or software downloads.

Pingo consumers have long been able to set up their accounts to automatically recharge when they reach a predetermined balance. Now, with the new feature, Pingo's interactive voice response system alerts users making Pingo calls when their account has a low balance, and with the simple push of the * key a consumer's account can be replenished.

For both consumers and business users, Pingo has also introduced enhanced speed-dialing capabilities. After registering mobile or fixed-line phones in their account online, users simply call their local Pingo access number and press a designated speed dial number to be easily and quickly connected to the desired domestic or international calling destinations.

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