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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

New iConnectHere Internet Telephony VoIP Launched

Like other Internet telephony VOIP providers iconnectHere requires Broadband Phone adaptor that connects any analogue phone (even a cordless one) to your Broadband Internet connection.To set up user only requires inserting a number that he can find on the adaptor itself (called the MAC address) into the easy three-step Broadband Phone Setup Wizard. The MAC (Media Access Control) address is your Broadband Phone adaptor's unique hardware number. The MAC address of your Broadband Phone adaptor can be located on a sticker on the back of the Linksys and on the bottom of the ATA adaptors. The MAC address is used in the process of automatically and fully configuring your adaptor for iConnectHere's network.The voice quality provided is indistinguishable from a traditional phone line.

iConnectHere Internet telephony VOIP offers many free features ranging from Voicemail, Caller ID, 3-Way Calling, Call Forwarding, Call Waiting, Speed Dial, Do Not Disturb, it also includes some Free Advanced Features, they are Worldwide Telephone Numbers, Real-Time Call Records, Online Account Management, Free In-Network Calls. Some of their Bonus Features are PC to Phone and Virtual Calling Card are included with all plans.

iConnectHere Internet telephony VOIP provides it’s customer with the facility of Virtual Calling cards wherein if you’re traveling, out for lunch or the Internet is simply not available, your iConnectHere account is always with you. Virtual Calling Card is an option that allows you to use your Account Balance to make calls via Toll-Free numbers in 27 countries.

User can keep the track of last three months call records , by accessing the call records directly through the Members Center, by selecting 'Call Records' from the Navigation Bar on your screen.

iConnectHere offers a unique package called as India World calling plan that offers pc-to-phone service users special rates to India, US and Canada, UK, Italy and Bhutan. The cost of the plan is $19.95 per month for 215 minutes, including 115 minutes of calls to India and 100 minutes to the US and Canada. When registered to this plan you will also receive the following special rates to UK, Italy, Bangladesh, Nepal and Bhutan. If you exceed the minutes included in the calling plan you will be further charged the some above-cap rates. In addition the India World 215 Plan includes calls made to Toll-Free numbers, area codes 800, 866, 877, and 888, which can be made free of charge.

Another exclusive package is iCall North America calling plan which is a Broadband Phone Service monthly package that offers 800 minutes to the US and Canada. This includes Toll-Free calls to area codes 800, 866, 877, and 888, which can be made free of charge. The cost for this plan is $15.99 per month, and it includes a free local US number where you can be reached, free voicemail and advanced telephony features.

The monthly fees for these plans are deducted from your account balance and will not be charged to your credit card directly.

iConnectHere put forwards a broad money-back guarantee so as to doubly check if it’s users are satisfied with their service. Any customer for whatever reason if wishes to withdraw from their service will be qualified for the money back guarantee as long as he requests to cancel their Internet telephony VOIP service within 30 days of account activation and if have not exceeded 50 minutes of usage. If he meets these criteria, iConnectHere will refund the charges for all monthly and activation fees.

Currently iConnectHere Internet telephony VOIP does not support Local Number Portability (LNP) but as per their promises it is comprehended that soon this option will be made available to their customers. IConnectHere do have the support for fax, in which a user can send and receive a fax using it’s Linksys PAP2 Broadband Phone adaptor, all you need to do is connect a fax machine to your Broadband Phone adaptor.

IconnectHere provides with the extensive customer support, and any user having troubles with their service can look their FAQ’s on their web site, or may put up their query through web site for which they will have to log in their account and the best part is their live chat support which is available from Monday - Friday: 07:00 AM - 11:00 PM GMT and Sunday: 07:00 AM - 11:00 PM GMT

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