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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Pennytel offering cheap phone calls

There is reason to smile this christmas if you are looking for a great cheap phone calls. We have found a voip provider that would beat the cheapest rate you knew in the market.

Pennytel an austrlian VOIP provider with office in rest of Asia Pacific such as Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia. This whole month of december and next month January, pennytel is running a promotion. They are offering calls to certain countries at 28.88 cents per call.

Did you read that carefully? Its per call not per minute, so if you make a 60 minutes call, you are going to make a great saving. We tried looking into something called "Fair Use Policy" but didnt find any fine print telling whats the upper limit. Sounds like a good deal unless we missed something.

Lets see where you can make cheap phone calls with this irrestible 28.88 cents per call deal.

Pennytel is offering this "Talk till you Drop" offer for following countries:

India, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Brunei, Cambodia, Iran, Laos, Macau, Malawi, Pakistan, Malaysia Mobile, Russia, taiwan, Vietnam, Australia Mobile.

All calls are only for landline unless otherwise states like Malaysia mobile and Australia mobile.

Now the biggest issue is will pennytel cut your calls after certain minutes? Is there a fair usage policy? To check that, I went to their live chat and spoke to Sean.

Sean@PennyTel: hi how can i help ?

vinny: hi sean

vinny: i want to know about talk till you drop offer

vinny: if i call india how much will i be charged? 28.88 cents per call?

Sean@PennyTel: you will be charged 28.88 cents per call

Sean@PennyTel: for both landline/ mobile

vinny: is there a limit for number of mins i can talk per call?

vinny: like u have a fair usage policy?

Sean@PennyTel: it is 28.8 cents per call

vinny: i understand that

Sean@PennyTel: it means you can talk as long as you want

vinny: all am asking is can i talk for 2 hrs per call?

vinny: is there a limit

vinny: ok thanks a lot. Just wanted to confirm if there is any limit for the call

Sean@PennyTel: please hold

Sean@PennyTel: ok the 288.8 cents per call is only applicable to india landline

Sean@PennyTel: 28.8 cents per call

vinny: not to mobile?

Sean@PennyTel: no

vinny: then how much do i pay for mobile?

vinny: ?

Sean@PennyTel: PennyTel Rate Card

vinny: ok thanks so this is only for landline then

vinny: or else its about 10 cents per min

Sean@PennyTel: yes it is

vinny: ok thanks mate

Sean@PennyTel: no worries

So it seems there is no upper cap for making calls.

You can use Pennytel Dialer to make calls. Pennytel also gives you a free extension number which can be reached via their access numbers in australia, singapore and malaysia. Pretty handy indeed.

Let us know your feedback about Pennytel and their cheap phone calls offer.

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