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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Free Calls to China and Hong Kong

As the christmas fever is building up, VOIP providers are snowing in more free call offers or rather extending them for the new year to get some more members on the board.

We have seen this across the board for almost all VOIP providers. The tempo is building now and around next week, we are expecting some big offers out for free calls. Last year we covered Jajah who were giving away full 1 day of free calls to many destinations including India. It was so much fun :-)

Mediaringtalk and Owtalk are both gearing up for the new year and have extended free call offers. Mediaringtalk will continue to offer free calls till Jan 2008 and Owtalk will offer free calls to hong kong till end of 2007.

Thats a great news for people who want to make free calls to singapore, hong kong, USA, Canada, Taiwan, Australia and United Kingdom. Owtalk only offers free calls to hong kong.

If you have a SIP Phone or VOIP Adapter, you might wanna try our recommended settings for Mediaringtalk SIP. We have tested mediringtalk to make calls to shanghai and it works great. You might see occassional SIP errors but besides that voice clarity is good. Although remember that each call is limited to 10 minutes, however you can dial the same number again.

We highly recommend to use Owtalk for making free calls to hong kong. Owtalk also a local hong kong number which could be handy to receive calls. Besides that Owtalk has a mobile voip software called Owtalk InternetVoice. Its worth checking out. If you have a SIP enabled mobile phone such as N95, you can download Owtalk InternetVoice and setup your Owtalk account in SIP details. You can then make free calls to singapore. However the easier way could be to just set it up using Fring.

We will be discussing some great ways to make free calls with Fring. How to effectively setup Fring SIP to route calls to multiple SIP networks without bothering about changing SIP details each time. Hopefully we finish that article soon.

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