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Monday, December 3, 2007

FlashPhone offering free worldwide calls

As the year 2007 ends, it seems we are up for some good news in FREE VOIP world. We also hope that more VOIP companies offer free calls during the year end and new year period just like Jajah did last year. Oh my, I still can't forget those 2 days :-)

Now lets keep that aside and wait for those offers. In the mean time, we got something hot for you to play with. Flash Phone, a russian VOIP service is offering totally free calls to most part of the world including India. However each call is limited to 5 minutes and you can only make 1 call per day.

FlashPhone is currently in beta however you can signup to the service and use it. As i said they offer free calls to india including other countries.

How to use Flash Phone?

Well its pretty easy and straight forward.

1) Signup at Flash Phone website

2) Verify activation email

3) Login into Flash Phone

P.S: You need Adobe Flash player since Flash phone works on Adobe flash. Its very similar to Gizmo Call. (See screenshot).

While making calls, remember to dial country code area code phone number for e.g: Russia, Moscow: 74951000000

Besides making free worldwide voip calls, flashphone is working towards receiving calls from outside. Flash Phone is purely based on SIP and you can make calls to other flash phone users for FREE just like any other SIP provider.

We lurked around their forums and found some good suggestion by members such as integrating Flash Phone with Fring or Truphone etc but apparently Flash Phone has a PDA version which you can use on your mobile phone.

Currently there is no way to buy credits neither they have disclosed any rates to call certain destinations. So there aint any catch. Just login and make your 5 minutes call.

Go make your first call at Flash Phone.

Note: Free VOIP Hacks is not interested in releasing a hack for Flash Phone. We want them to run this service for good, hack might destroy their service completely and we would loose a good service.

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