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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Asterix to Skype Business solution

I should say SIP rocks.It makes using and marketing VoIP easier.And think Asterix+SIP=Ultimate VoIP service.But its difficult for most SIP providers to block calls to Skpe channel through SIP.

Two providers who managed to do so were Mobivox and Fring.Fring rules the VoIP market because of its simple service and good voice quality.

We'll discuss about enterprise and small scale business VoIP solutions.We have found a service called Chanskype,( has won many awards) Asterix to Skype calling solution.

Chanskpe will allow you to recieve incoming and make outbound calls through the Skype on your Trixbox.You can recieve or make Skype calls to Skype users or make outbound calls to PSTN networks via Skypeout.

Chanskype allows you to-

1.Call other Skype users.
2.Call via Skypeout.
3.Recieve a maximum of 30 incoming Skype calls.
4.Join with SIP networks.
5. Make unlimited parallell calls.

Anyone can buy a business version of Chanskype for US$99.Those who want to use Skype for business can try this.They have a trial version also.

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