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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Jajah liberates VoIP users from PC

The reason why Jajah is growing at a steady pace since inception is simply due to its continual effort to make the VoIP simpler. Maintaining that tradition, the Austria-based startup has introduced yet another sophisticated service, Direct VoIP.

As it seems, the Direct VoIP will enable Jajah customers to enjoy VoIP service directly without depending upon an intermediary channel. I mean VoIP without PC. Though, the service like this is not new in the market, Jajah Direct VoIP stands unique of its own.

With Jajah Direct, the customers can make and receive VoIP calls anywhere in the world without sitting before computers. They also don’t need internet connection. With an ordinary phone, they can VoIP calls.

The Jajah Direct is very simple. It provides VoIP service the way your mobile phone makes to other phones. To go with Jajah Direct, you need an access number using which you can call to a destination phone number upon hearing a dial tone. The first call is totally free.

Jajah Direct is cheap. The company charges a paltry 2.5 or 3 cents for a minute call. The service is available in 122 countries. However, the local number facility is now available in 10 cities in the US, nine cities in Europe.

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